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    • Peppermint has been valued since the time of the ancient Egyptians for both its flavour and vast medicinal properties. It is currently one of the most common, and agreeable herbal teas.

    • Chamomile has been in continuous use throughout the world since the time of the ancient Egyptians. The name Chamomile comes from the Greek word for “Ground Apple,” which accurately describes the flower’s aromatic scent of apples.

    • Ginger is believed to have originated in southeast Asia and has been in continuous use for nearly 5000 years. It still remains a key ingredient in both traditional Chinese and Indian Ayurvedic medicine. This aromatic spicy rhizome is great medicinally and is widely used as an everyday spice.


If you are looking to make an order in quantities larger than 25 pounds,
please contact us directly for a custom quote. 

Welcome to Organic Connections

We are a family owned and operated distributor of high quality organic herbs, spices, and related accessories.  Our products range from consumer ready items - to bulk for dispensaries - to industrial quantity herbs, spices, and ingredients.


Our Organic Passion

20 years ago, people did not want organic.
10 years ago it was only for the conscientious forerunners of our society.
... Now, things have changed.


Organic products, of all types, sell for a premium around the world, and rightly so. Organic produce is better tasting, more nutritous, more environmentally friendly, and has a noticeable absence of health depleting chemicals.



Who we work with...

We sell only to registered businesses within the health food trade.
Our customers consist of manufacturers, bakeries, health food stores, herbal practitioners, and naturopaths.




We hope you enjoy your visit to our site, and wish you good health!



Our Affiliations


Organic Certifiers and standards

OCPP seal

USDA Organic seal
Pro Cert (formerly OCPP/Pro-Cert Inc) has been our organic processing certifier since 1997. They have helped and guided us towards better organic product integrity. Many of our products meet the USDA-NOP standard, and many also meet the EU standard. We are ready to comply with the upcoming Canadian standards, which will be in force soon.

Please note that not all of our products are certified organic,
we sell non-organic products too where markets and economy dictate.


Kosher Certification

KSA Pareve seal is our kosher certifier.

The vast majority of all the items we carry are kosher, classified as pareve.
Very few of our products contain any animal based ingredients. If they do, they are not certified as Kosher.


Industy Affiliations

We are members of a number of industry organizations that help leverage our organic philosopies into a working business model,
and enable us to attend various industry events throughout the year.






Contacting Us

If you would like to contact us, please fill in our contact form.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide phone numbers on the internet because of our high call volume.